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Setting-up an Extranet Portal in SharePoint Online – Part 1

Establishing good communication and engagement with clients and vendors are as important as between your employees. How about creating an extension to your intranet portal and dedicating it to people outside your organization, whom you want to collaborate with? That’s what extranets do! With SharePoint Online, you can make this a reality without much complex […]


How Yammer Enhance Employee Communication and Engagement

Enterprise social networking allows establishing good employee communication and engagement in organizations. Yammer is the perfect ESN that have great potential to enhance employee communication to next level. Most importantly, Yammer is now part of the Office 365 subscription. It can be used to spot relevant sources present within the organizations easily. You can use […]

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SharePoint workflow development with Power automate

Power Automate: An Alternative for SharePoint Workflow Development

Microsoft has announced earlier last month that it will be retiring the SharePoint 2010 workflows, with the continued investment in Power Automate as the universal solution to the workflow. Since its release SharePoint workflows have evolved workflow orchestration to cover not only SharePoint but also other services in Microsoft. As of August 1, 2020 SharePoint, […]


5 Sensible Features of Dock 365’s Contract Management Portal

Businesses need smart solutions to manage various processes that directly influence their success. Contract management is one of those areas that require great attention as it can become a nightmare if not addressed with great care and attention. With Dock 365’s Contract Management Portal, you will get an excellent platform to handle all contract related […]