6 Quick Facts about Message Center in Office 365

You can expect an update or new feature release from Microsoft every now and then. When it is about Office 365, these changes will be innovative, effective, and at the same time crucial. As the Office 365 tools are very much involved in the way organizations are working these days, it is crucial to stay up to date. Message Center in Office 365 is there to give you all insight about the upcoming changes that are about to happen or even about issues, or maybe some announcements.

6 Quick Facts about Message Center in Office 365

You can go to the Message Center by clicking on the Message center Card placed on the Home dashboard. Office 365 Admin App, on the other hand, let users stay updated about the upcoming changes through mobile. The push notifications will be a more effective way of staying informed. Here are 6 quick facts about the Message Center.      

Who can access the Message Center?

Message Center posts can be viewed by anyone who is assigned with an admin role in Office 365. It is also possible to assign Message Center read roles to any relevant user, without providing any other admin privileges.  

Is it possible to view posts in other languages?           

Even though the posts are written only in English, users can choose to machine-translate the messages to preferred languages. You can even set a machine-translation language to view posts in that language by default.   

Will users get notified about changes in any other way?

Message Center is considered as the primary mode of communication to notify Office 365 Organizations about all latest updates. Targeted releases, blogs, and communities are also some of the other modes of communication from which users can stay up to date.

How accurate will be the date mentioned in the notification messages?

The message posts will not have an exact date or time in which a proposed change will be made to your organizations. However, you can expect as much information about the change or feature for your organization to make the best use of it.

Will these messages be personalized for each organization?

The Message Center Posts are not personalized for each Office 365 organization. However, they will be sent to those categories of organizations that are relevant to the changes or Office 365 announcements.  

How can I get the Message Center posts emailed?

The users will get a Weekly Digest emailed by default. See the spam folder if you are not receiving any weekly digests. You can even set multiple users to receive these updates weekly.

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