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Custom SharePoint Apps for a Productive 2021

Launched in 2001 SharePoint has been used by companies to streamline their activities. The ability to customize the product for our needs has amplified the reputation of SharePoint in the enterprise solution market. Today majority of organizations have SharePoint at their organization, customized for their needs, serving their purposes and activities. The total control that SharePoint gives over one’s data is also one other driving factor that makes companies choose SharePoint. You do not have to worry about any third-party interference in the organizational data. SharePoint is also considerably easy to manage and maintain, unlike other enterprise solution providers. In one of our previous blogs, we have discussed how simply organizations can ensure a smoothly run server on SharePoint.  

Using SharePoint, it is possible for organizations to develop a number of solutions that will be helpful for their enterprise requirements. A major solution being Intranet Portal. The intranet is one of the foremost selling factors of SharePoint. Intranet requirement is different for each organization, you cannot just use the same model of intranet at different organizations, that is where SharePoint’s customization capabilities come into play. These capabilities enable organizations to address these requirements and come up with a very unique intranet portal that is perfect for their organization. Similarly, other enterprise solutions like contract management, project management, or help desk solution can also be customized out of SharePoint. Implemented in the right process these solutions will see a great success rate.  

In the past year, we have seen some unforeseen changes going about in the industry and our work environment. The pandemic has forced us to stick to remote work. With some companies even considering this change to be permanent. Remote work is cheap for organizations because it costs less on the logistics that need to be provided in an office work environment.  Anyway, remote work has produced some new challenges for us. How would we stay connected and complete our work without any hassles? To be successful in a remote work environment companies need the right tools to empower their teams and those tools are what we are talking about. SharePoint alone will cover most of the company’s collaborations and information sharing needs, what about the rest of the processes? Let us take a look at a couple of the tools that are based on SharePoint that could be made use of in remote workplaces in 2021. 

SharePoint Custom Intranet Portal 

Like we discussed before Intranet portal is the prime feature of SharePoint. Even without any customizations, SharePoint can be used as a platform where you can share and collaborate on documents. What are the important features required in an intranet portal? 

  • Better Collaboration 
  • Easy access to information 
  • Easy access to other resources 
  • Transparency 
  • Better access control 
  • Easy management 

These are just some basic features that companies look for in an intranet portal. Using a SharePoint intranet portal, you could achieve all those features and many more than you expect.  

Let us take the first point into consideration. How would SharePoint intranet affect collaboration? Well, since SharePoint already has all the document management capabilities and the features of Microsoft 365 products, collaboration becomes much easier. Users can work together on important documents and be more productive at their work. Also, users can find their colleagues very easily on a SharePoint intranet. Leveraging on Azure active directory, Office graph, and Delve users can pull up profiles based on their skills and expertise and collaborate with them easily.  

Users need to find information in a way that is simple and fast. Every second they waste looking for a piece of information is time wasted on working with that information, time wasted on productivity. And with options like document libraries, department portals, and quick links users will be able to find what they are looking for easily using a SharePoint intranet portal. 

An organization might be using multiple solutions SharePoint or a third party, and users need to access these resources or solutions on a daily basis as part of their job detail. As we said before people cannot be wasting time looking for something that they need to work with. Custom SharePoint intranet features like quick links enable users to access these resources with just a click. 

Organizational processes need transparency and SharePoint intranet provides that transparency. When processes have transparency,  it addresses the accountability issue in the organizations. People will work more efficiently. Transparent workplaces tend to be more productive.  

The intranet portal is the centralized location where all organizational  work-related data are stored, and this data is sensitive. Access control is important in any enterprise solution. And in SharePoint access control rests with the SharePoint admin. Admin can control who sees what and when on the SharePoint environment. There is no third-party admin in the case of SharePoint, you will have total control over your intranet portal.  

Managing a SharePoint intranet portal is an easy job. You do not need to have great technical knowledge in understanding and managing stuff around SharePoint. It is very user friendly and easy to manage.   

SharePoint is the perfect solution for companies that are looking for a better intranet portal. In addition to the features, we discussed above SharePoint can be customized to match your branding. A well-branded intranet portal is said to drive employee engagement. Custom SharePoint intranet portal allows users to have a unique intranet portal that meets their requirements. 

SharePoint Custom Contract Management 

Contracts are important for any organization. These contracts need to be managed very carefully. If you think the traditional paper-based system is the right choice to manage your contracts, then you are mistaken. What could possibly go wrong with that? You might ask, well there are many things that could go wrong with that. First of all, this is a manual process we are talking about and well people tend to make mistakes. And in contract management, a mistake cannot be afforded. One slip-up or a breach of contract could inevitably lead to a drop in revenue, increased expenses, non-compliance with contractual terms, or even worse you could find yourself in litigation with one of your contractual parties. 

SharePoint contract management can help avoid all that from happening. SharePoint contract management solutions are built leveraging the exceptional document management capabilities and the automation workflows powered by Power Automate. With automated notifications and safe and secure document storage SharePoint can be a great platform to host a contract management system. It helps you in risk and hassle-free management of your contracts, all in one place. With a SharePoint Contract Management System, you know your data is secure, and SharePoint as you might know already brings together all your files.  


Well, these are just two of the amazing tools or solutions that can be custom made on SharePoint. The capabilities of SharePoint are far advanced than this. You can create a project management solution, a Help Desk solutionHR management solutions, and many more. Working together with SharePoint developers with proper planning can deliver amazing enterprise solutions for your organizational processes.  

We have discussed here how custom SharePoint modifications can benefit an enterprise organization working remotely. We also discussed how the SharePoint intranet portal can contribute to a more collaborative and productive remote workspace. Even though the SharePoint intranet portal has been in use before now more than it has relevance. Similarly, a contract management solution based on SharePoint, something that could have easily been overlooked in the previous situation, is now an important entity that cannot be risked being overlooked. Automated SharePoint contract management is the right choice for managing contracts if you want a streamlined contract management process. 

For organizations looking for a productive and engaging work environment in 2021, SharePoint is the right choice. It has the capabilities, as we said before, to create a unique and exceptional enterprise solution. 


Adarsh D