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We offer a Wide Variety
of SharePoint Services

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Development and Collaboration and Content, we have years of experience working with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint to develop personalized productivity solutions for companies. Our custom enterprise solution is tailored to meet your organization’s needs so you can take full advantage of your SharePoint investment. 

We can help to maintain and modernize your IT applications and solve various business process issues a business may face.

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We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services

SharePoint Intranet Development

We have years of experience working to design effective SharePoint intranet solutions. Our experience allows us to build personalized tools that can easily meet your company’s needs.

SharePoint Workflow

Using SharePoint’s native workflows, we can modify your custom SharePoint intranet to automate many of the more tedious and time-consuming aspects of your business processes.

SharePoint Managed Support

We offer ongoing support for our personalized SharePoint intranet solutions. Our team is available to help you solve any technical issues and assist you with making the most of your SharePoint investment.

SharePoint Development

Our SharePoint experience doesn’t just stop at intranet. We have years of experience using SharePoint to design custom tools such as project management platforms, CRMs, contract management systems, and so much more.

SharePoint Migration

Don’t worry about making the switch. We’ll be there to help you migrate everything from your current SharePoint setup to our SharePoint tools.

SharePoint Integration

We know that you value having all your tools in one place. You can trust that our team will be able to integrate all of your SharePoint solutions into one intuitive platform.

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"Global Infonet is the right partner for the LPGA. We are a small shop with limited IT resources. Global Infonet has the right mix of talent at affordable rates to elevate my IT team output to exceptional levels."

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