Design Sharepoint Online Technology Tips

Custom SharePoint Apps for a Productive 2021

Launched in 2001 SharePoint has been used by companies to streamline their activities. The ability to customize the product for our needs has amplified the reputation of SharePoint in the enterprise solution market. Today majority of organizations have SharePoint at their organization, customized for their needs, serving their purposes and activities. The total control that SharePoint gives over one’s data is also one other […]

Design Development Office 365 Sharepoint Online Technology Tips

SharePoint Intranet Portal Development a guide for 2021

SharePoint intranet portal has proved itself to be the best corporate collaboration solution. There is also a whole lot of marketing possibilities in SharePoint intranet portal development. Entire teams have been working for this goal. We have in our previous blogs discussed how an intranet portal affects the company culture and the benefits of a custom SharePoint development. […]

Design Development Sharepoint Online Technology Tips

SharePoint Customization: A Guide for 2021

When Microsoft introduced SharePoint as a web-based collaborative platform in 2001 it was merely thought of as a documents management and storage system. But as time passed more and more companies started adopting SharePoint and started realizing the highly configurable nature of SharePoint. Now, the use of SharePoint varies substantially among organizations. SharePoint allows a […]

Office 365 Security Sharepoint Online Technology Tips

Office 365 Delve & SharePoint Management for Admins

When the majority of users in an organization starts to use Microsoft 365 for their daily collaboration needs like sharing documents to be viewed and edited by their peers, Delve becomes more useful for everyone. In our previous blog “Office 365 Delve User Profile Setup & Manage” we discussed the user perspective of Delve, which is s […]

Office 365 Sharepoint Online Technology Tips
Office Delve

Office 365 Delve User Profile Setup & Manage

Office 365 Delve is a complete solution to enterprise social networking requirements. It is a collaboration space, each person in the organization would have their user profiles, which is a uniquely tailored page that integrates everything the person would need, the people they need to be collaborating with, the documents they are working on, the […]

Networking Office 365 Sharepoint Online Technology Tips
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: Safe and Secure Video Conferencing

The year 2020 has brought about enormous changes in our work culture, remote working and virtual conferences have become normal among professionals and businesses. As far as IT professionals are concerned, privacy and security are of topmost priority. There have already been many discussions about the safety of remote work and virtual conferences. Especially for […]

Sharepoint Online Technology Tips

Key Features of the SharePoint Framework

The SharePoint Framework ensure that you can exploit the possibilities offered by modern web technologies and tools. You can utilize these possibilities to generate responsive and mobile-friendly apps and productive experiences. SharePoint Framework is also known as SPFx and it can be defined as a web part model and a page. Furthermore, it provides exceptional […]

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