5 Less Discussed Powers of SharePoint Team Sites in Office 365

Businesses nowadays have a lot of complicated challenges and requirements. The technologies and platforms available today to meet these requirements justify the saying ‘Where there is demand, there will be supply’. There is one question that is very relevant to the present situation: Are you aware of what all you can accomplish with these technologies? […]


3 Steps to Modernize the User Interface of a SharePoint Site

SharePoint Communication sites and Team Sites have excellent capabilities to keep your employees organized and connected. Communication site can spread our news and information across departments with great efficiency. Whereas a team site will keep your team connected based on the applications or information they access frequently. The most noticeable element common in both these […]

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SharePoint Online Portals

6 Areas You Need to Master Before Building SharePoint Online Portals

SharePoint on-premises, as well as SharePoint Online portals, are widely utilized to build intranet portals. When looking from an infrastructure point of view, SharePoint Online has some differences and thus it is essential to understand certain aspects while building SharePoint Online Portals. SharePoint Online has grown in remarkable ways since its launch and more people […]

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SharePoint Theming explained

Theming Experience Components in SharePoint Explained

The look and feel are very important aspects of intranet portals and other technology solutions. Theming experience in SharePoint can be enhanced by making a good understanding of the possibilities. There are themes in SharePoint that allows you to customize sites effectively. With this feature, you can perform lightweight branding over SharePoint Sites. Customization is […]