5 Less Discussed Powers of SharePoint Team Sites in Office 365

Businesses nowadays have a lot of complicated challenges and requirements. The technologies and platforms available today to meet these requirements justify the saying ‘Where there is demand, there will be supply’. There is one question that is very relevant to the present situation: Are you aware of what all you can accomplish with these technologies? Most of the entrepreneurs will say yes because they know exactly what they need. Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 are outstanding platforms that let you do work in the best way possible. Today, we want to enlighten you about those 5 less discussed powers of SharePoint Team Sites in Office 365.

The most important power of these two platforms is to connect both internal and external teams to the important data and people in an organization consistently. You just need to set up a group-connected SharePoint Team Site in Office 365 to achieve this power.     

1 – SharePoint Team Sites and Microsoft Teams fusion

You know the ability of SharePoint in content collaboration and organizing the workplace. Microsoft Teams is now another name for teamwork. Together they can give powers beyond file sharing, lists, apps, and lot more. Easy sharing across the platform and side-by-side chat are other perks. 

2 – Enhance Engagement and Discovery

Team structure and workflows will keep changing along with the evolution of business objectives. The SharePoint Sites and Content housed in these sites should be considered as part of this evolution. By connecting relevant and similar sites to a hub site, you are making the content easier to find and enhance content engagement.     

3 – Make Data-Rich Announcements and Reports

Utilize the SharePoint pages and news articles to send updates to your team in a way they can stay up to date and consume information easily. Moreover, the data and reports look fantastic on any device, and in apps and sites.

4 – Group-Connected OneNote Notebook

The group-connected SharePoint team sites also comes with a default OneNote Notebook. It will be a lot easier to share note-taking responsibilities and to accumulate all important notes, ideas and research information in one place.                  

5 – Manage Data and Automate Repetitive Tasks

Utilize SharePoint Lists to gather, track and share information within SharePoint Libraries. SharePoint List and Libraries, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow together make it easier to work with custom apps, workflows, and forms. It will be a rich digital experience that assures excellent results. 


Alex K Joseph