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SharePoint Theming explained

Theming Experience Components in SharePoint Explained

The look and feel are very important aspects of intranet portals and other technology solutions. Theming experience in SharePoint can be enhanced by making a good understanding of the possibilities. There are themes in SharePoint that allows you to customize sites effectively. With this feature, you can perform lightweight branding over SharePoint Sites. Customization is done by editing components like site layout, font scheme, color palette, background image etc. In order to understand the theming experience better, you need to know more about the components involved in this process. Get a detailed overview below.

Background Image

SharePoint Sites come with an option to add a background image. You can change this as part of the theme customizing process.

Color Palette

SharePoint is provided with 32 pre-installed color pallets/color schemes. It is the combination of colors users can apply to a site.

Font Scheme

There are 7 font schemes in SharePoint by default, and they can be used to customize the look and feel of sites. Both color palettes and font schemes can be accessed while modifying a design from the design gallery.

Master Page

Master Page is what defines the shared framing elements of a site. As part of enhancing the theming experience, users can choose Master Page with desired elements and apply it to sites. Master Page Preview is another component that enables a preview of the chosen theme components.   

Composed Look

The composed look can be defined as the look and feel achieved by a custom combination of color scheme, font scheme, master page, and background image. The overall look of a site can be changed using a design or theme interchangeably as required.

Design Gallery

This is where you will find a thumbnail view of all the designs available. The starting point of the theming experience is from the Change the Look wizard. It can be accessed by selecting Settings > Change the Look. Design Gallery is the first page in this wizard.

SharePoint comes with preinstalled themes, and it also allows to create custom themes. As part of simplifying the theme customizing process, the theme experience was redesigned. You now have a good understanding of the main theme experience components involved in the process. Go ahead and customize your SharePoint Sites to enhance the look and feel.


Alex K Joseph