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Key Features of the SharePoint Framework

The SharePoint Framework ensure that you can exploit the possibilities offered by modern web technologies and tools. You can utilize these possibilities to generate responsive and mobile-friendly apps and productive experiences. SharePoint Framework is also known as SPFx and it can be defined as a web part model and a page. Furthermore, it provides exceptional support for open source tooling, SharePoint data integration, and client-side SharePoint development. It works both in SharePoint Online and for on-premises.

Key Features of the SharePoint Framework

Key Features to note

Here are some of the key features of the SharePoint Framework:

  • SPFx runs in the context of the connection with the browser and current user. There are also no iFrames for customization purpose.
  • Responsive and accessible controls.
  • Controls are rendered in the normal page DOM.
  • Along with configuration changes, render, serialize and deserialize, load etc. it also allows the developer to access the lifecycle.
  • The common open source client development tools such as TypeScript, gulp, webpack, npm, and Yeoman is what SPFx is based on.
  • Above all, it is framework-agnostic.
  • You can pick any JavaScript framework of your choice from the list which includes handlebars, React, Angular, Knockout and more.
  • Reliable performance.
  • SPFx client-side solutions can be utilized by the end users. Ensure that they are approved by the tenant administrators.
  • The SPFx web parts can be added to both modern and classic SharePoint pages.

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