5 Steps in Planning Projects on SharePoint Team Site

The best thing to do when you are starting a new project is to have a solution to manage it brilliantly. You will find many project management solutions out there today. One effective and exceptional way to manage projects efficiently is to utilize the powers of SharePoint. A SharePoint Team Site can be turned into a purposeful project management hub in a few steps. It is important to plan and execute things in order to achieve the best outcomes. Today, we will enlighten you about the 5 critical steps in planning projects on a SharePoint Site.

Add Tasks and Assign

The first step in planning a project is by adding tasks and assign them to the right people. You can add a simple checklist of tasks. If it’s a complex project, then you can add a scheduled list of tasks instead. You can also work with the task list to change the view, statuses, and other crucial information regarding them.

Set Up Timeline

After adding the tasks, the next step is to add tasks with a due date on the timeline. You can do this from the top part of the Tasks page. The view of the task depends on its due date, start date, or both. You can also change the appearance of the timeline after adding tasks to it.

Add Structure to The Task List

Once the tasks are added to the SharePoint Team Site according to their due date, you can now structure the task list based on several factors. You may indent or outdent a task, delete a task, or move tasks up or down as per priority. The indent option helps to organize all subtasks beneath the main task.

Add Project Files and Documents

Files and documents are a very important part of every project. It can be a report, plan, or other documents, which need to be stored somewhere to give access to all team members. Store the files and documents on your site by adding them to a library. The files can be attached to tasks to make it easier to find.

Project Summary Web Part

It is with this web part the users can easily view all events and tasks involved with the project. It will be part of the home page of all project sites by default. You can also add this web part to any site with a task list.

Dock’s Project Management System

Dock’s Project Management Solution is the ideal option if you are looking forward to exploiting the deep possibilities and features offered by SharePoint and Office 365. Moreover, it offers great integrations to increase functionality and efficiency.

By picking Dock you can have a pre-built Project Management Portal specially customized for your business.


Alex K Joseph