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Three Ways E-Signature Makes Closing Deals More Likely

What is the probability of signing a deal? You might have multiple factors that are influencing your sales processes. However, having the best technology and fast processes are factors that ensure that you could close deals more likely than ever. E-Signatures are an outstanding technology you should have as part of your contract management system. They will help you get deals signed quickly without leaving the client to have a second thought.  Still not convinced with the way E-signatures can make it easier for you to close deals in a happier note!

Here are three ways in which the E-Signature facility can make closing deals more likely for your sales team.

Accelerating Approval Process

Sales is an integral part of any business and to make the process even better, you need to make the sales processes effortless and fast. The main stage of closing a deal is the part where you need to get the signature. Traditional signing processes take a lot of time and its clumsy. When you have a contract management system with E-Signature integration, the approval processes will get accelerated. This avoids unnecessary delays in the end stages of closing a deal.

Enhancing Processes and People

With a proper contract management system, you can not only organize all your contracts and related processes but also negotiate and manage deals in a favorable manner. The E-Signature integration supports contract management solutions to perform and complete tasks better in less time. This motivates significant processes related to the contracts as well as people involved in it.   

Fitting the Contract Digitizing

The main highlight of the modern Contract Management Systems is that they digitize the whole processes revolving around contracts and deals. This helps you save time, money, as well as human resource. Moreover, these systems can help you reduce risks, and optimize punctuality and correctness. The best thing about E-Signature integration is that they suit this digital culture perfectly.

Dock 365’s Contract Management System is offering excellent E-Signature integration that offers all the above-mentioned advantages.

Dock’s Contract Management System

Dock 365 Contract Management System is created to give businesses an upper hand in handling their contracts in a more effective and streamlined manner. Book a free demo now to see Dock’s Contract Management System in action.


Alex K Joseph