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Discover Outstanding Things You Can Do with SharePoint From Teams

The best way to avoid conflicts and confusion in an organization is to allow teams to work together and share content effortlessly. This is the best way to ensure better collaboration between your team and the content they are generating. The integration between Microsoft Teams and SharePoint is done in such a way to make this goal accomplished. The content experiences and services provided by this collaboration in one user interface is exceptional.

This blog tells you about outstanding things you can do with SharePoint integration from within Teams. The intention here is clearly to let users work confidently and effortlessly with files, documents, lists, home pages, and news. Factors like excellent compliance, industry-leading security, and the ability to abide by your organization’s governance plan are remarkable too.

Add an Office Document as Microsoft Teams Tab

You can easily highlight an Office document by adding it as a separate tab in Teams. Presented with full capabilities, users can easily edit and view the file using Office for web integration. There is no need to leave the tab to access the file anymore.

Bringing A Full SharePoint Document Library

Add a full SharePoint document library as a tab in Teams by clicking on the “+” sign to add tab and choose Document library. Choose the appropriate one from the list of relevant sites available. You also need permission to view and work.

Team Site News Page as A Tab in Teams

It is easy to display your latest team news in Teams. For that, you just need to add your All-News page as a tab in Teams. This page is created automatically when you publish more than three news posts on the SharePoint team site.

Organization News Site Home Page as A Tab

This one is like the Team site News Page tab. The difference is that, by adding an organization news site home page as a tab in Teams, you can display news that is targeting all your employees. You can utilize the same to showcase events, activities, news, and other information relevant to the entire organization. Dock 365 Intranet Portal consists of similar features that serve your whole team exceptionally. Look below!

Dock 365 Intranet Portal

Dock is a Pre-Built intranet portal for your organization. It is powered by Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365. Dock also comes with project management, contract management, and many other business productivity features. Dock is equipped with an advanced extranet portal that lets you collaborate with clients, vendors and other people outside your organization exceptionally.  


Alex K Joseph