Route Manager

Company works with over 3500 manufacturers, importers and other product supply partners (the number grows every week) to provide retailers of all types and sizes with specialty and natural products their end-consumers desire.Company started in 1970 as a retail natural food store, purchasing bulk nuts, dried fruit, seeds and grains for its customers and distributing them to other natural food stores in the region. By 1973, the retail store was sold so that the company could focus on its rapidly expanding distribution business. In 1986, company began a process of expansion and by 1989 had become the first nationwide distributor of natural and organic products.

Through almost 40 years of hard work and dedication, company has become a highly respected distributor of natural, organic, specialty and multicultural food products.

Company works with over 3500 manufacturers, importers and other product supply partners (the number grows every week) to provide retailers of all types and sizes with specialty and natural products their end-consumers desire.

Business Situation

Client had a manual process of scheduling routes, driver’s payments, managing equipment, and payroll. They lacked real time reporting and tracking features of distribution routes products and assets.



Global Infonet created “Route Manager”, an enterprise web based portal used as a Transportation System by the client to manage their distribution routes, determine driver’s payments, and manage equipment like trailers and tractors and to increase operational efficiency.

“Route Manager” identifies expenditure associated with each route, pay roll calculations, assets utilizations, optimization of route with the help of Google map, creating daily dispatch schedule and daily reporting.

“Route Manager” interacts with a central database which maintains all the route, equipment and employee related information for various distribution centers of the company. “Route Manager” was provided with various levels of security to enable administration ease in the management and dispatch of routes. The background services of the application provide daily import of data into the central database and “Route Manager” provides the Business Intelligence to manipulate data, the capability to settle route payments and generate reports based on the dispatched routes.

Technology Used:

C# 3.0, ASP.NET 3.5 Web Application, HTML, CSS, DevExpress, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and IIS 7.0


Improved Efficiencies & Optimization of Routes

With the “Route Manager” application, the client has achieved the capability to manage the operations of various distribution centers remotely, virtually from any part of the globe. “Route Manager” has improved the speed and efficiency of the process by allowing automatic settlement of routes and systematic management of assets. “Route Manager” handles bulk data in a fully automated manner. “Route Manager” provides Optimization of Routes which reduces fuel and payroll costs thus improving driver performance and accountability. “Route Manager” supports Calculation of estimated time of arrival at each stop of the Route – this gives greater visibility to the expected arrival of products to the customer and the company. The application has the capability to re-calculate ETA based on delays caused by unforeseen events or due to additional stop time at distribution points. “Route Manager” has comparison of miles travelled and time taken to travel vs. the planned miles and planned time to travel from Google.


Business Intelligence & Reporting

“Route Manager” Analysis Reports provides Business Intelligence and the opportunity for client to have a bird’s eye view of the day to day activities and operational expenses assisting in quick decision making. Historical data and reporting features are now possible.


Tracking Capabilities & Automatic Payroll Processing

“Route Manager” tracks trucks, trailers, drivers and their profiles like address, pay type, and pay rate. With the tracking capabilities associated with profiles, driver’s payroll is automatically uploaded through “Route Manager” and sent for processing, reducing overhead expenses.


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