Customer Profile

 Company is the only experienced producer of Job performance aids (JPAs) that meet military specifications. What are JPAs? They are powerful, interactive multimedia tools that significantly improve human performance through “visual learning,” and they are meeting with great success in areas where traditional training and publications (printed and electronic) simply are not meeting organizational needs.

JPAs deliver rapid understanding, retention and action, and will save time and money by virtually eliminating confusion and mistakes. How? By making it possible to actually see procedures done correctly…step by step. 

Industry: Information Technology Consultants

Business Situation

The client’s customers needed multimedia training tools delivered in a more expedient manner. Projects were taking weeks to complete and their staff was struggling to work collaboratively on projects.


Global Infonet created a Learning Management System called “Job Performance Manager” that provided:

  • Web-based solution for collaboration with the global workforce
  • Centralize and automate training content administration
  • Self-service and self-guided services
  • Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly
  • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web based platform
  • Support portability and standard
  • Personalize content and enable knowledge reuse
  • Digital content management and delivery

“Job Performance Manager” is an online editing environment that provides a collaborative effort with a global team to create the training documentation.

  • • Matt Waters CEO of JPA says, “What used to take programmers 2-3 weeks to do manually now only takes 45 seconds with Global Infonet’s solution.”



Collaborative Web-Based Global Work Environment

“Job Performance Manager” promotes a collaborative web-based work environment for a global team. With “Job Performance Manager”, someone can be in California or New York working on the same project and deliver in a fraction of the time.


Increase Revenue and Profits

“Job Performance Manager” increased efficiencies
Matt Waters says, “Because of Global’s tool “Job Performance Manager”, I have been able to drastically reduce payroll and increase revenue and profits.


Better user experience

“Job Performance Manager” is a centralized repository for internal documents that streamlines efficiencies of projects. The global workforce now works as a unified team on the same project at the same time.


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