Customer Profile:

Customer is a part of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Their mission, as the single, unified voice of business, is to enhance the quality of life for all those that live in their state. The Chamber leads the way in achieving global competitiveness and ultimately increasing prosperity for our citizens by:

  • Creating a shared
  • Increasing productivity through an educated and highly-skilled
  • Advocating a balanced
  • Fostering a favorable climate among our members and their diverse employees; and
  • Promoting the positive impact of a successful business community on state’s citizens.

This Chamber of Commerce is an accredited with Distinction by the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Business Situation:

Client used many different platforms for their employee files, directories, manuals, timekeeping, intranet, and feedback from customers, payrolls service systems & reporting.

Solution: Microsoft SharePoint® 2010

SharePoint 2010 offers collaboration of all systems used, by including websites, documents, insights, communities & content. The client decided that SharePoint could integrate all systems and become the go-to-portal.

  • All employee directories can be integrated on to the primary SharePoint collection.
  • Online manuals can be added as documents to the primary SharePoint collection.
  • Time keeping available as a content placeholder/shortcut.
  • All links and resources under My Chamber can be integrated to SharePoint.
  • Suggestion Box can be upgraded from being just an e-mail link to a form in SharePoint.
  • All links and resources under Benefit and Forms can be integrated in to SharePoint.
  • Payroll Self Service Center available as a content placeholder/shortcut.
  • Establishment of a platform to facilitate data exchange and workflow interaction with external users.

The new SharePoint site provides users a better experience, and the ability to find relevant information more quickly. Client will benefit from easier content management. Now they have a platform to facilitate data exchange and workflow interaction with external users.


Better user experience

SharePoint is now the go to site for handling all day to day interactions from training to payroll. The users are now able to collaborate quickly and efficiently. All users are able to post information for stakeholders and meetings to provide up to date real time information. Site navigation & one portal, makes user experience and boost user adoption.

Easier Content Management

Users will now be able to update files & meeting agendas are easily accessible and organized.

Greater Flexibility

SharePoint has greater flexibility for users. The original intention of the SharePoint application was for internal uses. SharePoint can be used as intranet, extranet & internet sites. Now that the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce has seen the flexibility offered, they are finding more uses for extranet functionality.


  • Randy says, “The key thing Global brought to the table was the development of the web interaction to external users and along with that the ability to disseminate and receive content from external users which has transformed how we do business. The beauty is that the system Global provided has the ability of external users to participate in a workflow process.”

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