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An Essential Guide on Office 365 Network Connectivity Principles – Part 3

The first two parts made you aware of identifying traffic, considering architecture and connectivity instances to manage Office 365 traffic perfectly. The last thing you need to pay attention is the traffic inspection devices, bypassing proxies, and duplicate security technologies. It is important that the enterprise customers should assess the network security and risk reduction methods carefully, which are specifically established for Office 365 bound traffic.

Also use Office 365 security features instead of intrusive, expensive, and performance impacting network security technologies available for Office 365 network traffic. SSL inspection, proxies, data loss prevention systems, and packet inspection are the technologies most of the enterprise networks are using to guarantee network security for Internet traffic. These technologies resulted in reduced performance, scalability and the quality of end-user experience when applied to Office 365 endpoints, even when they had some great users in fighting important risk mitigation for generic Internet requests.

Office 365 Endpoints Web Service

Office 365 administrators can utilize the Office 365 Endpoints web service to make that the traffic bound for Office 365 is identified, managed differently, and treated appropriately from network traffic bound for generic and often unknown Internet web sites. They can get it done by using a script or REST call in order to munch a structured list of endpoints from the Office 365 Endpoints web service. They can further use it to update the configurations of perimeter firewalls and other network devices.

Office 365 Security Features

Office 365 built-in security features can be used to reduce Network security risks. Some of those features include Data Loss Prevention, Customer Lock Box, Advanced Threat Protection, Anti-Virus, Multi-Factor Authentication, Office 365 Threat Intelligence, Network DDOS Security, Office 365 Secure Score, and Exchange Online Protection. They can even improve Office 365 network performance.

PAC (Proxy Automatic Configuration) Scripts

Office 365 traffic can be allowed to use direct Internet connections rather than traversing the corporate network by using PAC scripts. These scripts can help bypass proxies for Office 365 requests from WAN or VPN users. Office 365 administrators can create PAC scripts and they can be delivered to user computers via WPAD or GPO. Learn more about Office tools, and Office 365 Performance issues to establish brilliant network management.

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