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Blog:6 Skills for Employees Working in Custom Intranet Portals

Top 6 Skills for Employees Working in Custom Intranet Portals

While picking a technology or tool for your organization, it is essential to consider the employees first. Everything you pick for the sake of productivity, communication and work processes need to go well with the employees too. If they find these technologies difficult or unfriendly, the adoption rate will go down. Custom Intranet Portals being the heart of most modern organizations today, we want you to learn about those 6 important skills every employee should nurture to work seamlessly in a digital workplace.    

Merge the Real and Virtual Worlds

The most important and the first skill you need to develop is the mindset to merge the real and virtual worlds. An employee should be able to work with ease in an intranet environment, knowing that it’s a virtual space. As there will be plenty of features and tools to make the experience better, there is no need to worry. Custom intranet portals provide the best, tailored solutions that fits your organization.

Open Work Culture

Unlike keeping all your work reports, lists and all work data closed in your cabin, today it is about sharing with everyone in the team or even organization. Multiple users can work in the same file and manage information very intelligently now. Get used to this all-new open work culture.

Enhanced Quality of Communication

Keep communications as clear, intimate, and sincere as in your physical office space. This can be achieved by practicing it frequently. As communication quality is crucial in achieving great outputs, ensure that all your employees are getting this right quickly.

Beat Time and Space as Limits

What are some of the main limits that are keeping your employees from getting tasks done in the allotted time? Time zones and geographical differences can cause barriers. All good custom intranet portal will have great features and integrations that let you make meetings and interactions smooth and easy.

Digital Handiness

Once you have picked a good SharePoint Intranet Portal, now its time to improve your digital skills and take advantage of the possibilities. Upgrade your digital skills along with time and use the facilities cleverly to achieve an upper hand.

Training Programs

The last but an important skill is for training the employees to get adapted to the digital environment quickly. This is a skill your intranet should have. Check whether the intranet you are choosing comes with a good Learning Management System. LMS can help you create training programs and lessons for your current and new employees.


Alex K Joseph