10 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations That Let You Work Smarter – Part 2

The most impressive thing about the Microsoft Teams integrations is that they can benefit all kinds of users in a way or other. By organizing all these amazing tools and apps, you will be able to focus more on streamlining your workflow. You can perform tasks like project management, software development, and accumulating customer feedback with great control and efficiency. Obviously, you can do it all without leaving the Teams platform. Look at the first part of this blog to learn about more options.

10 Best Microsoft Teams Integrations That Let You Work Smarter - Part 2

Here are the last 5 integrations in the list of 10 best Microsoft Teams Integrations that let you work smarter.


Jira is a brilliant software development tool that can be utilized to plan, execute and release exceptional software products. By using Jira integration, you can visualize aspects like workloads, development velocity, app performance etc.


It is a new way to celebrate your organization’s values and appreciate the work culture. Appreciate colleagues for their wonderful outputs and give public shout-outs in an outstanding way.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Integrate the world’s best apps and services for tasks related to design, video, photography, and the web to Microsoft Teams with the Adobe Creative Cloud Integration. InDesign CC, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CC etc are some of the amazing services or apps offered from Adobe Creative Cloud.


MindMeister integration allows you to brainstorm, visualize project plans, take notes and show the connection between various ideas in a promising way, along with chatting with your teams.


It is the place where developers around the world collaborate to create innovative technologies, solve challenging problems etc. Most importantly, the GitHub integration is ideal to share, develop and ship the best code possible. Consultants, hobbyists, students, and professionals can make the most of this facility.

As you know how to make the most of the Microsoft Teams platforms using the integrations, let’s enlighten you about Dock 365 to power up your organization’s digital workplace.


Alex K Joseph