Customer Profile:

Company is one of the longest running women’s professional sports associations in the world. Founded in 1950, the organization has grown from its roots as a playing tour into a non-profit organization involved in every facet of golf. The company maintains a strong focus on charity through: its tournaments; its grassroots junior and women’s programs; and the formation of their Foundation. They are headquartered in Daytona Beach, Fla.


Business Situation:

Client needed a way to create an Online Media Center for social networking, news, events and players’ current year and career stats. The site needed to integrate with data on SQL server. To reduce cost of ownership, client utilized SharePoint to create an external media facing site.


Solution: Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint offers collaboration of all systems used by the company for the Online Media Center providing:

  • A website portal using LogiAnalytics, LogiInfo to display stats of players and tournaments.
  • Latest news and events, including social media integration.
  • An easy to use interface for media relations.
  • Ability to quickly view reports and statistics and navigate reports intuitively.
  • Media has access to information in real time for current tournaments.
  • A seamless flow of information that is not inhibited by other distracting visual (or other) elements.
  • The end user can start at a high level and quickly drill down to the details without having to leave the screen, open multiple screens or leave the system to refer any other source at any time.

With the new SharePoint site, the client can offer media members around the world a better experience including the ability to find relevant information more quickly. The company’s Communications team members are benefiting from easier content management and have a new platform to facilitate data exchange with external members of the media.

“Global Infonet is the right partner for the LPGA. We are a small shop with limited IT resources. Global Infonet has the right mix of talent at affordable rates to elevate my IT team output to exceptional levels.” – Jack Sumner, CIO, LPGA



Improved Processes: Media relations, fans and employees now have improved access to stats, tournaments, social media and news updates.


Easier Content Management:

With SharePoint, the client is able to edit info on the screen on the fly with the Content Management System capabilities.


Greater Flexibility and Customization with SharePoint:

SharePoint has greater flexibility for users to customize site features and provide critical data of players and tournaments.


Lower Cost of Operation:

By utilizing SharePoint, it lowered the cost of the Online Media Center since the data resides on the SQL server.


No more license fees:

With a custom solution from Global Infonet, there are no license fees. You own the code.


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