Customer Profile:

Client offers urgent medical care at convenient locations and extended hours. Patients have the convenience of scheduling appointments online in order to minimize wait time.Lab work and X-rays are performed in-house, and many common prescriptions can also be filled at the center. 
Industry: Medical Centers


Business Situation:

Client had disparate systems, reference guides and patient records that were not easily searchable or linked to each location. Patients would have an extensive check-in process that would sometimes require re-submitting required forms manually.



Global Infonet created a Custom Web Application “Patient Authorization to Treat” for the Practice Management System that provided:

  • All client locations were linked with all patient information on “Patient Authorization to Treat”
  • Fast Search for patients
  • Fast Check-In for existing patients
  • Captured customer signature digitally
  • Improved customer service

“Patient Authorization to Treat” is a progressive Custom Web Application that provided the Practice Management System a way to integrate patients from all locations. With the integration of the “Patient Authorization to Treat”, now patients have an expedited check in promoting enhanced customer service and reducing the redundancy of forms. The digital capture of signatures reduces paper waste therefore minimizing the operational costs.


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Fast Search and Fast Check-In for Patients:

“Patient Authorization to Treat” is a custom web application accessible by all client’s locations linking all patient information reducing redundant forms. “Patient Authorization to Treat” application provides a more patient centric care program.


Digital Signatures:

“Patient Authorization to Treat” captures signatures of patients digitally, reducing paper and minimizing operational costs. The reduction of paper is also more eco-friendly way of contributing to the recycle, reduce, reuse effort.


No more license fees:

With a custom solution from Global Infonet, there are no license fees. You own the code.


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