Customer Profile:

Leading national Medicare compliance service company serving the workers’ compensation and liability markets. Based in Bradenton, Florida their service portfolio includes Medicare Set-Aside and related services, which are necessary to comply with legal requirements such as Medicare Secondary Payer regulations. These services are not subject to Medicare reimbursement risk and are designed to reduce claim costs and expedite settlements. Company’s generated adjusted annual revenues and adjusted EBITDA for 2013 of approximately $27 million and $9.5 million, respectively. Company was acquired by a leading provider of independent medical examinations (IMEs), peer reviews, bill reviews and related services.

Business Case

Nothing frustrates a client more than poor technical support in their time of need. Company was looking for a partner who would work with them to support their SharePoint applications on a need basis.

Solution: Microsoft SharePoint

Global Infonet (GI) agreed to support the SharePoint applications on a T&M basis. GI who is a specialist in SharePoint Technology agreed to a 24/7 support activity on a need basis.


  • Get access to skilled expertise

    The agreement enabled the client access to skilled expertise in SharePoint space. This skill set was not a core competency of client business. By tying up with GI the client got the required talent and timely service to support their daily business operations.

  • Run business 24X7

    GI provided the client with 24X7 support. This gave them uninterrupted business continuity and more satisfied customer base.

  • Cut costs and save BIG

    All the benefits listed above came with the bonus benefit of lower cost and big savings! Maintaining a support desk was an extra burden for the client. The T&M support agreement with GI enabled the client to choose to pay only on a need basis.