Customer Profile:

Client is a Real estate investment trust (REIT) based in Jacksonville, Florida and one of the largest operators of grocery-anchored shopping centers. About 90 percent of its shopping centers are anchored by grocers ranking in the top three of their market. For more than 50 years, the company has owned, operated and developed dominant, grocery-anchored retail centers that are exceptionally merchandised and maintained. Their legacy of success is evidenced by 319 thriving centers, 19 regional offices and properties located in most major U.S. markets. Retailers seek out this company first, because of the expertise and integrity they bring to every interaction.

Business Case

Client uses multiple applications and portal in SharePoint for their day to day business operations. It became a challenge for client to support and maintain these applications, primarily because of resource constraints and cost to support. The turnaround time for resolutions were also too long.

Solution: Microsoft SharePoint

GIobal Infonet (GI) agreed to support the SharePoint applications for a Capped price point. GI performed an initial study of the applications/portal and proposed a process to resolve and complete support issues and enhancements. GI agreed to a process by which before any code or configuration change goes live, it will adhere to client’s change control process with all configuration changes documented and submitted to client for approval. This process gave them the required confidence to involve a third-party for support activities.


  • Cost-effective

    Client was able to budget effectively. They did not have to finance the cost for hiring and training new hires for tech support.

  • Risk Control

    Reduced risks by keeping the flow to eliminate inconsistencies. Whenever a necessary turnover was urgent, GI support helped to keep the operations undisturbed. This provided a certain level of continuity to the company without compromising the operations that the risk can bring harm to. By risk-sharing, a risk analysis is also accomplished. An organization is aided by this agreement because it allowed them to transfer certain responsibilities to an outsourced vendor. In this case since the outsourced vendor is a specialist in SharePoint applications, it helped the client to devise their risk management with more efficiency.

  • Flexible Staff

    Client got the work done when they need without employing full time staff to do it. The model supported the clients seasonal or cyclical operation demands for additional resources. Meaning obtained services at a fixed period of time with adequate consistency on the cost department.