Global Infonet's information technology solutions and technology and business process outsourcing services help you accelerate innovation and maximize value from your IT investments.

Global Infonet Inc.

Our well defined software engineering process, Global Software Engineering Process (GSEP), was created to mitigate common software implementation issues such as not getting what you expect, miscommunication, ongoing deadlines and other issues.

Global Infonet helps clients in every aspect of software project life cycle from project conception, requirement management, design, development, testing, deployment and production support. We help companies to build custom web applications and custom mobile applications for tablets or mobile devices for platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows. Global Infonet's GSE Process was designed to align our clients' custom software development needs with a qualitative outcome.

  • Custom Software Solution : Microsoft .Net C#/VB.Net, MVC/ASP.Net, SharePoint, Microsoft Silverlight, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2.
  •  Build application on Microsoft Windows Azure platform.
  • Product development from concept to implementation and support.
  • Application Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft CRM, PeopleSoft, SAP, Mainframe Systems etc.
  • Single Sign on implementation using Windows Azure.
  • Mobile, Tablet and Touchscreen based Solution Development.
  • Content Management System (CMS) and Enterprise Portals using SharePoint, Sitecore, Sitefinity or Kentico CMS Solutions.
  • Catalog Management Systems.
  • Ecommerce Applications with integration to PayPal, and other payment gateways.
  • Modernization of Legacy Applications.
  • Business Process Modeling - To improve process efficiency and quality.
Global Infonet Inc. Microsoft Sharepoint Development

Information is perhaps the most important key business resource. Using it effectively is an incredibly common business challenge. With Microsoft SharePoint, every business can overcome these challenges and we're here to help.

When information is not well organized, it can look like this:

  • Lost productivity due to disconnected people and teams.
  • Slow turnarounds on questions, feedback, and input from subject matter experts.
  • Untapped or underused expertise or institutional knowledge.
  • Frustrating or difficult-to-use internal websites.

Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet portal designed to address these challenges. The experts at Global Infonet can show you how to utilize SharePoint to its highest potential.

Global Infonet has a track record of strong and successful experience with SharePoint. Our team can give you a firsthand look at the capabilities in the latest version of SharePoint and find how its unique strengths can be used to support your team and grow your business.

 What We Do ?

  • SharePoint Planning and Assessment.
  • SharePoint Upgrade.
  • SharePoint Deployment On-Premise.
  • SharePoint Deployment on Cloud.
  • SharePoint Intranets & Extranets.
  • Document Management.
  • Enterprise Search.
  • Corporate Social Networks.

Global Infonet Inc. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer relationship management, often called CRM, is a hybrid business solution that can increase sales and marketing efficiency. Think of it as a powerful set of tools, apps and platforms that combine to drive optimization of business intelligence, social insights, campaign management and many other key customer relationship matters.

Talk to the experts at Global Infonet to learn how your team can benefit from the power of Dynamics CRM powered by Microsoft.

Our experienced consultants help you realize the value of the cloud more quickly, demonstrating tangible benefits for your business stakeholders. We offer a cloud readiness assessment and a strategic road map, implementation strategies, adoption strategies and cloud training.

Why the Cloud?

With all the talk of cloud computing today, it can be helpful to take a step back and really understand what the cloud is and why it matters to your business.

Global Infonet Inc. Windows Azure Cloud

The cloud also offers organizations enterprise-level security, with the high level of data protection and datacenter security required by the largest organizations.

  • It means you can be up and running fast. You bring products and services to market faster than the competition, and spend more time innovating and less time managing IT infrastructure.
  • It means you instantly have global scale. So you have everything you need to support your business growth ready to go when you need it. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of capacity for things like file storage or scaling up your applications to support more employees or customers.
  • And it means you can run your operations more cost-effectively. With the cloud, you pay only for what you use, helping you save money as you grow your business. This can be especially beneficial for any applications that have variable computing needs, whether you need to quickly accommodate the storage of large files, or you need to meet peak customer demand for an online sale. Moving to the cloud also means you don’t have to make capital investments in hardware, freeing up budget to spend on other business needs.

Hosting your applications in the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Many organizations today are choosing to host business applications in the cloud. With Microsoft Azure, you can quickly move applications from on-site servers to the cloud, creating major benefits such as:

  • Avoiding the capital expense of purchasing new server hardware.
  • Leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to scale up or down as needed..
  • Getting the added protection of multiple data backups in the geographies you choose.
  • Call us Today to discuss your cloud strategies.

With Microsoft Azure, you have a choice in how to make the cloud work for your business: you can build new “cloud-native” applications, or simply move applications from on-site servers to the cloud within a virtual machine (VM).

Here are a few great examples to consider:

  • Your collaboration platform (SharePoint customization) – Some organizations want to get the benefits of hosting their SharePoint platform in the cloud, but they require a greater level of customization than is available through SharePoint Online. To get the benefits of the cloud while maintaining the flexibility to customize your SharePoint site, you can host SharePoint in a virtual machine (VM) on Microsoft Azure. For many customers, this can provide the ideal balance of flexibility and convenience, giving you the control to customize your SharePoint experience while getting the cost benefits, ease of management, and scalability of cloud-based hosting.
  • SQL Server Databases (SQL Server in a VM) – If you currently have a SQL Server database on-site, Microsoft Azure provides a fast, easy way to benefit from cloud-based hosting. Microsoft Azure makes it simple to move your SQL Server database to the cloud. From there, you can depend on Microsoft Azure to scale up or down as needed to support the changing data demands of your business without the need for new capital expense. You can also rely on automatic backups of your database for added protection. Hosting your database on Microsoft Azure also makes it easy to centralize your data and enable controlled access from mobile and remote customers and employees. Finally, because it’s Microsoft you have the advantage of knowing it engineered to work together from the ground up, ensuring the greatest stability and security for your data, whether on-site or in the cloud.

Call us today to discuss your cloud strategies.


Businesses rely on IT to provide quality and timely solutions to improve business productivity and reduce costs while adding value to the bottom line. Our offshore delivery center in India offers our clients a flexible outsourcing model to achieve operational efficiency, speed to market in an innovative model that we call FlexSource360. Our clients are able to save up to 50% when they are using our FlexSource360 model. We hire and train “the bench” and deliver the right resources at the right time, like turning the tap, instead of pumping from a well. Our clients are able to save time and reduce risk by eliminating the process of having to review resumes of staff augmentation candidates and interviewing them, making a hiring decision and additional time/money involved in replacing candidates that leave.

Our most used FlexSource360 model is where clients have one or two resources from our Jacksonville, FL office and several developers and testers offshore to supplement them to reduce overall cost and speed to market. Our clients are able to use the same resources over and over again as the people you are hiring through FlexSource360 model are a fulltime associates of Global Infonet.

We hire top of the line, highly trained individuals to work on your projects. By going through Global Infonet for FlexSource360 model, we will handle all offshore communications so you don’t have to worry about language barriers or time differences.

One of the important factors of FlexSource360 model is that the customer account is managed by team of specialists and Account Managers to ensure that the model is working for you all the time.

Benefits of FlexSource360:

  • Releases capital for investment elsewhere in business.
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Reduces Labor Costs – Outsourcing helps avoid the cost of hiring and training staff for short-term projects. This saves you time and money!
  • Skilled Experts – Immediate access to a broad talent pool industry.
  • Operational Control – Outsourcing with full internal IT control

The following services can be performed by a FlexSource360 team:

Custom App Development

  • Application Assessment
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Application Monitoring
  • Level 2 and Level 3 support
  • Custom Web and Windows based applications
  • Custom mobile (phone/tablet) solutions
  • Touchscreen Kiosk applications
  • Application data integration
  • Requirement management
  • Project management
  • Application Testing services (Functional and non-functional testing, Performance Testing, Integration Testing etc.)
  • Documentation and user training

SharePoint Consulting

  • SharePoint planning and assessment
  • SharePoint upgrade
  • SharePoint deployment on premise or in Cloud
  • SharePoint extranet or intranet portal with custom design of corporate theme, look and feel
  • Implementation of enterprise document management
  • Enterprise Search
  • Corporate social networks using yammer

Cloud Strategies

  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Assessment and deployment of Windows Azure VMs for your Data Center needs.
  • Windows Azure disaster recovery
  • Identity and access management through Federated Azure Active Directory Service
  • Application development and test management using Windows Azure
  • Virtualization
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Implementation of Windows Intune

To find out more about FlexSource360 or if you’re interested in setting up an appointment to see how FlexSource360 could benefit your company, call 1-904-724-8880.

Information Technology is the back-bone of every enterprise in today's fast moving economy. To derive maximum performance of your IT infrastructure, you must ensure high availability, high performance and high service levels with your entire IT infrastructure. Global Infonet's managed application support (MAS) services ensure that your business applications are managed and operated on a 24/7 basis to provide a secure, high performance platform for business.

Our enterprise application support delivery model ensures that all supports are handled in a timely and cost effective manner. Our support delivery model provides a set of process frameworks, a pricing model and a flexible governance model to transform support services to improve productivity, achieve higher operational efficiency and cost predictability.

   Customer Benefits

  • Client can focus on things other than “Keeping the light on” activities and focus on innovation.
  • Improved Coverage: Ability to provide 24/7 coverage.
  • Reduced cost of ownership: Ability to utilize and share resources across a common pool thereby driving better productivity and utilization.
  • Use of remote resources to reduce cost.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: SLA based performance measurement and weekly reporting.
  • Standardized tools and processes: Deployment of standardized set of tools and process.
  • Your savings scale with each new application supported.
  • Better knowledge management using advanced software tools.

Global Infonet provides content management solutions to best fit your needs.
As an Integration partner with various content management system providers, we help our clients to realize their vision of their business' online presence. Our partnership three of the leading content management providers enable us to deliver premiere content management services to our clients.

   1. Sitecore : The Leading .NET Web Content Management System

Global Infonet Inc. Sitecore Certified Solution Provider

Global Infonet is a Certified Sitecore partner. Sitecore CMS makes it effortless to create content and experience rich websites that help you achieve your business goals such as increasing sales and search engine visibility, while being straight-forward to integrate and administer. Sitecore lets you deliver sites that are highly scalable, robust and secure. Whether you're focused on marketing, development and design, or providing site content, Sitecore CMS delivers for you.

  • Fast Intuitive Editing.
  • Multi-Site Deployment Made Easy.
  • Built to Scale.
  • Google-Friendly URLs Improve Site Rankings Instantly.
  • Rapid Development.
  • Ideal For International Companies.
  • Easier, More Effective Communications.
  • Create Once, Present Any Way You Want.

   2. Sitefinity: Usability to the next level

Global Infonet Inc. Sitefinity Certified Solution Provider

Global Infonet is a Sitefinity Partner. Sitefinity is a powerful CMS platform offering many enterprise features and simple easy-to-use online administration for managing your website. The new revolutionary User Interface is very task oriented and simplifies the user interaction with the system.

  • Efficient Marketing and Content-Editing Tools.
  • Quick in-line editing.
  • Intelligent content mash-up for aggregating dynamic content.
  • Integrated web analytics.
  • Excellent SEO results.
  • Complete personalization and naturally easy interface.

   3. Kentico: The Integrated Customer Experience Management Platform

Global Infonet Inc. Sitefinity Certified Solution Provider

Global Infonet is proud to partner with Kentico CMS, one of the leading .NET CMS on the market that can span from the smallest websites to large multi-national sites, both technically and in licensing. This empowers marketers and developers in creating websites without limits. It's the ultimate solution for website, store, community and online marketing initiatives.

  • Web Analytics.
  • Campaign Management.
  • E-mail Marketing.
  • A/B and MVT testing.
  • Contact Management.
  • Lead Scoring.