Join us for Live Webinar - Cloud Computing with Azure: How to get started?

Join our featured speaker, Rahul Ravindran, Microsoft VTSP, for the first webinar of our Azure series.

Cloud Computing is here to stay. Azure is Microsoft's answer to highly scalable computation and storage needs of today's world. Azure goes above and beyond just infrastructure augmentation (IaaS) by providing Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings that can enable rapid application deployment and speed to market. In this webinar, learn more about:

  • 1) The cloud computing landscape.
  • 2) Azure and its key differentiating features.
  • 3) IaaS and PaaS offerings within Azure.
  • 4) On-premise to Hybrid to Cloud migration approach.
  • 5) Overview of Azure PaaS services.
  • 6) Getting started with Azure from signing up to deploying your first web-site.


April 9, 2015
9AM - 10AM EDT

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