SharePoint 2016 – Should you upgrade?


presented by Rahul Ravindran – May 19, 2016

Presentation Overview
SharePoint Server 2016 is almost upon us. In a world with Office 365, SharePoint Online and Azure, choosing the right deployment or upgrade path is getting increasingly complex. SharePoint 2016 allows for deeper integration with the cloud enabling true hybrid cloud scenarios. Is the hybrid cloud model the right solution for your needs? What are the new features and capabilities in SharePoint 2016? Should you upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint? As a SharePoint solutions provider, these are some of the pressing questions that customers are asking today.

In this talk, we will attempt to answer most of these questions. Session overview:

  • Overview of SharePoint 2016.
  • New features and capabilities in SharePoint 2016.
  • SharePoint Server 2016 and SharePoint Online Hybrid Cloud Model.
  • SharePoint 2016 deployment paths.
  • SharePoint 2016 upgrade and migration paths.
  • The future of SharePoint.

Speaker Bio
Rahul Ravindran has been designing and developing software solutions for over 10 years. Somewhere along the way he helped upgrade a SharePoint instance. Since then he has worked on several dozen SharePoint projects for small to medium business as well as large scale intranet solutions for enterprise customers. He specializes in building highly scalable and distributed applications with .NET and Azure. He takes a keen interest in Microsoft technologies, artificial intelligence, NoSQL databases, and cloud computing. Rahul is a V-TSP with Microsoft for SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Azure in North East Florida. He is a regular speaker at local technology user groups and conducts monthly webinars on software architecture, SharePoint and Azure. When he is not thinking in binary, he enjoys EDM concerts and live music.