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Customer Profile:

BMFP is a non-profit local church centered organization servicing primarily the Independent Baptist Church movement in North America as a missionary sending agency. Since our inception we have been blessed of the Lord in growth and are presently approaching one hundred fifty missionary families in more than forty countries.

With the primary direction and objective of church planting world-wide, the purpose of BMFP is to provide missionaries with an avenue for implementing innovative ministries in reaching the several thousand pockets of "forgotten peoples" in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are probably asking yourself, "Who are the forgotten peoples?" Forgotten peoples are those needing the Gospel that we often pass by on our way to the traditional mission fields of the world.


Business Situation:

Baptist Missions is a nonprofit and must do more with less on a daily basis to survive. Serving more than forty countries around the world, Baptist Missions needed a secure platform to exchange information and collaborate with the missionaries as well as the internal corporate staff.

Business Problem:

Baptist Missions had an unsecure platform and infrastructure. Baptist Mission had security issues along with spam. They have a minimal IT staff to support the entire company and infrastructure.

Solution: Microsoft Office 365

By migrating to Office 365, this nonprofit gained reliable email that is accessible and automatically synced on their devices, anytime, anywhere. The immediate impact for Baptist Missions:

  • Significant savings
  • Security and no spam
  • No cost for infrastructure or maintenance
  • Collaboration with all Baptist Mission staff around the world
  • Any device, anytime access
  • Familiar tools like Office, Word, Excel

Be on the forefront of technology and work faster and smarter with Office 365.

“Office 365 has eliminated their spam and increased their security. Since the integration of Office 365, the staff now can communicate and work anywhere and any device.” - Sherry Rister, Office Administrator, BMFP

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