Say hello to Dock - The turnkey intranet portal!

Say hello to Dock - The turnkey intranet portal!

Say hello to Dock - The turnkey intranet portal!

The success of any enterprise organization relies in part on systems and processes that allow people to communicate and collaborate effectively. Today, corporate intranets are an integral part of doing business in large organizations. The Dock will help with the distribution of news and documents, support around-the-clock collaboration across physical and temporal boundaries, and enable new communication channels with partners, suppliers, and customers.

The Dock provides a single, integrated location where people can:

  • Collaborate with team members and external parties
  • Find organizational resources
  • Look up corporate information
  • Glean business insights for better-informed decisions

Dock by Global Infonet Inc turns Office 365 and SharePoint into a vibrant, dynamic and flexible portal that serves as the hub for your organization’s communication, collaboration and internal services.

Dock is a next generation Intranet portal constructed from inception to provide active and relevant content out of the box on Office 365. It can uniquely provide this content because it’s not just an Intranet. Dock is a complete Intranet structure that includes operational department portals and employee self-service features. It is an “Active Intranet” design that automatically monitors and reviews content to detect, capture and push important operational events and announcements to the Intranet home page.

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