5 Common HR Challenges Solved by An HRMS System

Being an HR professional is tricky at times when there are plenty of challenges to face. As technology has advanced a lot better these days, the lives of HR people have become easier. There are a handful of solutions for them to work smarter. HRMS Systems are proved to be a great solution for some of the greatest challenges faced by HR professionals today. We would like to draw your attention to the 5 common HR challenges solved by an HRMS system. Take a look!


Employee Self-support

Consider your staff members approaching you to ask for policy, handbook or any information regarding their allowances, etc. It will be hard to serve such information for each one separately, as the organization grows bigger. With dedicated space for everyone to access such information, you can make it easier for everyone. You can also promote a better self-service culture.  

Payroll Management

What is the most important task handled by HR professional? It is the payroll management process for sure. Processing it involved spreadsheets, calculators, and a lot of paper earlier, but now HRMS portals have made it smoother and simple for HR people.

Secured and Centralized Data Storage

Being an HR professional, you will need to handle a lot of data and information. If these data and documents are scattered around, it is going to be a big headache for you to process them as part of any requirement. The secured and centralized data storage features of new HRMS solutions can make it easier for you.  

Attendance and Time-Off Management  

Another big challenge faced by HR professionals is in managing time-offs and leaves. With dedicated portals and features for handling these activities, you can easily record all of them smartly. You can even pull-out real-time information whenever needed. There is even a comprehensive employee database to help you find employee data quickly.  

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Employee onboarding and offboarding are critical procedures that need to be done with exceptional care. Dock’s HRMS System allows you to automate these processes precisely to give your employees the best experience possible. The new hires can have a head-start, whereas those leaving the organization can go with a positive impression too. This will help your company’s brand identity in the long run.

Dock’s HRMS System comes with all the above features. Book a free demo today!

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