Best Qualities Expected in A Modern Intranet Platform

The features and qualities expected from an intranet platform are changing rapidly. As SharePoint and office 365 is getting updated and advanced in great speed, a SharePoint Intranet Portal can do more things with ease. Today, we will explain the best qualities expected in a modern intranet platform. Finding a brilliant intranet platform that can fulfill all your organizational challenges can make a huge difference for sure.


Information Hub

An organization needs to manage a lot of information from different sources. As technology is improvising quickly, it is important to handle information and data from both online and offline resources effectively. Making information readily available for employees across an organization is the key. Doesn’t matter whether it is a company handbook or new project information, getting access to the right data when it is needed is crucial.

Learning Management System

Providing training and motivating employees to stand up to their daily challenges at the workplace is important. In order to keep your workforce competitive and high performance, it is essential to have an advanced training system. Learning management system is thus one best quality modern intranet platforms offer. Dock 365 LMS is a fine example.   

Human Resource Management

Organizations need to manage their workforce exceptionally well to make them happy and achieve the best productivity. Dock 365 HRMS is specially designed to handle all HR department tasks and objectives with ease. Extraordinary solutions like the Employee Onboarding and Employee Performance Management make things even better.

Help Desk & Asset Management

Like employees, clients and vendors are also a very important part of an organization. A modern intranet solution should have a comprehensive Help Desk System to enhance customer support and to solve issues with the desired priority. Asset management is another area that gives you a straightforward way to improve productivity, cut costs, and to use resources to the best extent.               

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