5 Effective Ways to Keep Content Private in Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is now a complex enterprise-wide information portal and content is having greater importance in its functioning. Business process management, enterprise content management, social networking, search, wikis, and blogs are some of the popular features of SharePoint. However, all these features are greatly depended on content. As a good variety of content including confidential legal documents and confidential reports will be handled by various portals, it is important to keep the content private. Here are 5 ways to ensure that your organization’s content does not go to the wrong hands at any level.

Set clear and documented policies

Clear and documented policies should be given high priority in SharePoint Implementations. Set rules about what type of content is allowed and what is not. This will let you avoid content that is not supposed to be stored in your SharePoint storage.

Guide behavior using classifications

The IT people can define content which is supposed to be in the system and what is not, by setting up categories. Each time a document is added to SharePoint, a classification screen pops up. The screen will let you determine whether the document is permissible or not to get published.

Educate users

It is essential to let your users completely aware of the rules and terms set for maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the content in the system. It can be done as part of the user training process.

Take control of the social tools

Social Tools can ensure better productivity and collaboration abilities in a SharePoint environment. However, in order to avoid content privacy getting compromised, it is essential to practice a balanced approach. Enforce security regulations and monitor content in these channels regularly.

Apply the policies wherever necessary

Inform users whenever a content policy or business rule is violated. Make users aware of how a violation occurs, and why it is important to ensure content privacy.

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