BairFind Foundation to benefit from Dock Intranet Portal to unlock employee productivity and collaboration!

Ellen Sullivan, CEO, BairFind Foundation (Right) and Joe Joseph, CEO, Dock 365 Inc. and Global Infonet Inc. (Left) with the BairFind Foundation team during the Dock Training Session on June 30, 2016 at our Headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida
By Sajin Sahadevan
Jacksonville, June 30, 2016

Dock 365 Inc. Team is happy to have the BairFind Team for the “Get into Dock” training session to unlock Employee Productivity and Collaboration.

The training session was conducted for the top-level management team of BairFind with our technology specialists at our headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida this morning.

Technology at Dock 365 Inc. is central to creating the very best experience for customers, recently playing an integral role in the launch of Dock Intranet Portal which will benefit the non-profit organizations across the region.

Joe Joseph, Chief Executive Officer, Global Infonet Inc. and Dock 365 Inc, “Our ‘Get into Dock’ training session aims to address top level management professionals who are worried about the ability of Solutions to automate many of the simple and repetitive functions they need week after week and month after month. As technology continues to evolve and become an ever important part of our lives, I’m proud that at Global Infonet Inc. and Dock 365 Inc. we’re heralding a new age of experts into future technology.”

Ellen Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, BairFind Foundation commented, “I am excited about the work Dock by Global Infonet Inc. team is doing. Thank you so much for helping us! It is going to make a huge difference…”

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About BairFind Foundation

The BairFind Foundation, a national 501 (c)(3) organization was founded by Dennis Bair, a former minor league pitcher with the Chicago Cubs with the purpose of helping to find missing children. BairFind is revolutionizing the search for missing kids nationwide through its work with minor league baseball and other sports teams.

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About Dock 365 Inc.

Dock 365 Inc. is a Jacksonville, Florida based company that serves a multitude of organizations nationally. Dock is a full-service IT firm specialized in SharePoint Intranet Portals for Non-Profit Organizations and Credit Unions across the region.

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